Nissan RB High Output Alternator V2 (Mitsubishi Core) FPG-009

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FPG's own design for an easy bolt on solution. Will fit RB20/25/26/30 with no modifications required. Custom CNC machined billet pulley finished with a black hard anodising will keep the unit spinning at the correct speed to avoid over revving the alternator. Mounting brackets are CNC machined for 100% accuracy and anodised black for a neat finish. The only kit on the market which provides structural integrity and holds the alternator true to the block with its back brace. This kit removes the factory steel tensioner setup and provides a cleaner alternative. Belt size will vary depending on the engine model, balancer used and water pump pulley used. A belt close to the one currently on your engine will fit however in some cases it is better to measure the length required. Will handle loads up to 150A and the units have been bench tested to 180A with no issues. Each unit is fitted with a serial number plate for easy identification and warranty purpose in case of any manufacturing faults. Alternators are Genuine Mitsubishi units as of October 2019 for added reliability.