R32GT-R Twin Pump In-tank fuel system kit AN8

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The most popular kit at the moment!

One of the best value kit on the market! Comes with FPG's unique Stainless Steel Baffle, which traps 3.8L of fuel ensuring that your pumps don't cavitate whilst cornering. If you want horsepower but don't like the idea of a noisy/costly/smelly surge tank in your pride and joy, then check this out:

No modifications required, comes with billet anodised components so it's safe to use with alcohol fuels, quality Gates hose, stainless steel hardware, baffle and clamps, Speedflow fittings, Siemens fuel level sender, milspec wiring and genuine Delphi connectors, high current 6mm electrical terminals to reliably power high performance pumps. Fitted with AN8 fittings, this kit flows very well!

This kit has a lot more than 2 bigger fittings, it uses individual lines from each pump, through full flow fittings and into a Speedflow Y merge fitting to ensure that you get every bit of fuel flow out of your pumps.

Fuel level sender is setup to work with the factory cluster and only a simple installation of 6mm eye terminals on the factory wiring is required.

Can be used with Walbro 460 (F90000267 and 274), Walbro 255 (GSS341 and 342) and many other aftermarket pumps with a 39mm body.

This kit is proven to support big horsepower and we have a few customers making 800-900-1000hp on this exact setup (with the right engine modifications of course).

This kit is designed to use Walbro 125-142 sock filters as they have shown the best results.

***Pumps are not included and need to be purchased separately***. this kit can use Walbro 460 and 255, Raceworks, AEM, Quantum, Aeromotive, and all other 39mm body pumps.