FPG Nissan Skyline R32 R33 R34 C34 Stagea A/C Air Conditioning Replacement Kit R134A FPG-039

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Another much needed FPG creation!

More models have been developed, tested and manufactured. Kits are now available for:

R32 (all models/years)

R33 (all models, 1994-1996) (evaporator fittings: ID of Suction Port 14mm and ID of Hi Pressure Port 7mm)

R33 (all models, 1997-1998) (evaporator fittings: ID of Suction Port 18mm and ID of Hi Pressure Port 10mm)

R34 (all models/years)

C34 Stagea (all models/years)

Key features:

-No drilling, no cutting, no pulling half the car apart!

-This kit covers the system from the firewall fittings forward. No under-dash or electronic components are included. It will fit and work with the OEM evaporator. Make sure your evaporator and Tx valve are clean and in good working order.

-Billet aluminium compressor mounting bracket and spacers, high tensile hardware

-Compact, Denso compressor (Found on Toyota Echo 1999-2005) with side mounted lines, ideal for big turbo setups and twin gate manifolds requiring more space

-Fits all RB combinations (20, 25, 26, 30, 25/30, 26/30..!)

-New custom made tensioner for accurate belt alignment and tension

-CNC machined ends and shaped hardlines to relocate the rubber hoses away from the hot areas

-Smaller OD hoses for a cleaner and more compact look, quality USA made fittings that are easy to crimp on (all R134A approved components, lines will come assembled in the kit)

-SPAL 11" Pusher fan, providing more cooling performance and more space for bigger intercoolers. will fit 6" thick intercoolers, and pushes a lot more air than the old fans do.

-Built-in dryer allowing plenty of space for steering cooler and/or extra oil coolers at the front. Dryer element can be replaced/serviced.

-Trinary pressure switch protecting the system from over pressure and loss of gas. Mid point allows the fan to be triggered automatically.

****The Stagea and R34 (non GTR) use a 3 wire pressure sensor and will need to be reused. If your car has a 4 wire pressure switch (R33 and R34GTR) you can also reuse your pressure switch or order a new one with your kit (link to purchase here). The R32 will need a 4 wire pressure switch and is automatically included in the kit****

-The system will need the "Ambient Temperature" sensor to remain installed. It is usually located on the factory fan frame, or on the radiator support. If you do not plug it back in, the climate control unit will not send the a/c request to the engine ECU. (This is a common mistake made by installers and can save you a lot of time trying to fault find).

-Modern multi-flow condenser, smaller footprint with better performance mounted in a custom made aluminium frame

-Custom made fittings for an easy install and reliable setup

-Charge ports are easy to access and away from the hot areas

-Will work with all balancer types, and it is recommended to not engage the compressor clutch at higher rpms (engine ecu triggers the a/c clutch) for component longevity on overdrive balancers. Set up a table in the ecu to control those parameters 

-Diagram below (also located in the "instructions" section of the website) is to add the fan wiring relay to the R32. The later models (33 and 34) will use the factory fan wiring as it is already there.

-We've made the compressor available as an add-on as it may be beneficial for the customer to purchase it locally to save on freight and for manufacturer's warranty. We cannot warrant components that we do not make.

-This system needs to be checked and charged by a licensed professional as per your country's rules and regulations. The system takes around 550g or R134A, but your installer's experience and tooling will confirm what is required.

-Belt size will depend on your balancer and engine model. OEM RB26 balancer will use a 4PK860. Other known belt sizes are:

Large (1000hp) ATI Balancer 4PK910

Small (500hp) ATI Balancer 4PK850

FluidDampr Balancer 4PK860

***Due to the volume of interest in this product and the difficulty in sourcing certain components, it may take a few weeks to ship the kit out. We will keep customers informed if there are any delays***

***More photos and videos coming soon)***