FPG Link ECU Housing V2 Suits G4 G4+ G4X ViPec Nissan Skyline Stagea RB25 RB26 NEO FPG-021V2

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New version of the popular FPG housing, featuring a clear top cover. Show off your ecu and quickly identify which expansion pin is in use. 

Can be used with the optional mounting plate, or as is if you wan to mount it in another car.

The housing has 4x M5 threads allowing you to reuse some factory brackets (Nissan Stagea pictured for reference).

Fast and easy installation, the FPG housing offers the convenience of dropping the Link ECU board straight in and will mount in the factory location within minutes!

The housing has openings for the tuning cable, MAP reference line, Expansion harnesses to allow you to install the full Link package without having to modify anything.

Suits Nissan Skyline ECU boards with blue connector and grey connector (RB25 NEO).