FPG Nissan RB R32 R33 R34 A/C Air Conditioning Compressor Replacement Upgrade R134A

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With more and more parts becoming obsolete and hard to find, we have decided to offer a more modern R134A A/C compressor for the RB engines. This compressor replacement kit will fit all RB engines, and use a Denso SCS06C compressor found on Toyota Echo 1999-2005 models. We can supply the compressor or you can buy it locally to save on shipping. Those units are available from many automotive suppliers and online sellers. 

The compressor is a lot more compact than the OEM unit, and offer a lot more room for aftermarket turbo setups.

Parts must be installed by a licensed and competent air conditioning technician and relevant rules and regulations must be followed.

The FPG kit comes with:

-Billet aluminium mounting bracket with cnc machined spacers and surfaces for accurate positioning

-Custom made FPG belt tensioner, with precision ground shaft, machined spacer and high tensile hardware for reliability

-Pad style hose ends to suit the compressor. The factory hoses will need to be modified and crimped by a qualified technician.

Belt required is around 30mm shorter than your current one. Length will be affected by the balancer you are using.