FPG Nissan Skyline R33 R34 Silvia S14 S15 Billet Fuel Tank Bulkhead Hat Top AN6 With High Current Connector Apex 2.8 Delphi FPG-100

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The factory fuel tank bulkhead can be troublesome when replacing the fuel pump with a higher flow unit. The main issues are:

-Melting electrical connectors due to aftermarket pumps drawing more current

-Back-pressure issue in the return line due to the factory Venturi not being able to handle much more than the factory flow

-Balancing of the fuel tank level left to right (passive side to active side) not being done effectively due to the factory Venturi not operating correctly

-Limited options in hose and fitting sizes

The new FPG bulkhead replacement unit features:

-6061 Billet Aluminium, anodised and compatible with all fuel types

-AN6 fittings for a multitude of plumbing option and higher flow

-Injection moulded high flow Venturi designed to handle 500lph

-Tefzel (Milspec) wiring, designed to handle high current and fuel resistant

-Apex 2.8 6 pin electrical connector 

-Nissan 3 pin connector to plug into the factory fuel level sensor (R33 and S14 will plug in, R34 and S15 will require the matching connector to be installed. Supplied in the kit)

-3/8" convoluted fuel tubing, 450mm long, with AN6 fitting and Stainless Steel clamps for and easy installation. (If you are using a fuel pump with 8mm barb, you will need an adapter)

-AN6 fittings can be rotated to suit your car's hose layout

-AN6 to 1/4" barb adapter included to connect your Venturi line.