Nissan Pulsar GTI-R In-tank Surge Tank kit

Regular price $1,359.10 AUD (+10% GST for Australia)

The Nissan Pulsar/Sunny GTI-R is such a sought after little weapon, however, its fuel tank design does not allow to unleash its full grip potential! In conjunction with "Front Runner Motorsport" a dedicated group of GTI-R fanatics in Australia, we have designed and tested an "in-tank surge tank" removing the surging issues these cars have, without the need for external components. 

The kit can be built in a few different configurations, to suit E85 or Unleaded fuels, and to support power levels from stock to around 600-700whp. We have designed the components around the Walbro 255, 460, and BKS1000, which also means that most aftermarket 39mm fuel pumps will work (however we will only build those kits to plug in directly to the Walbro range in house). 

The unique FPG billet hat is fitted with 25A rated Deutsch connectors and can be supplied with "plug and play" harnesses to suit the factory connectors without any modifications (except for running a bigger supply wire from the battery). A high flow venturi has been engineered and built into the hat, removing the need for external components.

Unique billet components, mil spec wiring, alcohol rated fuel hoses, stainless steel clamps and hardware, Speedflow fittings throughout, anodised and hand built in Brisbane Australia, make this kit a one of a kind.

The hat can be supplied with 5/16" barb fittings to suit factory fuel lines, AN6, AN8 or AN10 in any configuration. It will come with the 1/4" barb fitting to suit the factory venturi line as standard.

We have decided to do something different and offer a "group buy" option, to reduce cost significantly, with the following pricing structure:

Base kit (Billet hat with fittings, surge tank, internal wiring and hoses, filter socks, connectors to plug into the hat)

Quantity 20+ $1081.82AUD (+Gst for Australian customers)

Quantity 10-20 $1218.18AUD (+Gst for Australian customers)

Quantity 1-10 and retail list price after group buy $1359.10AUD (+Gst for Australian customers)

Optional extras:

Fuel pump Walbro 255 $100AUD (+Gst for Australian customers)

Fuel pump Walbro 460 $160AUD (+Gst for Australian customers)

External wiring kit (loose) $145AUD (+Gst for Australian customers) (relay, wire, connectors, terminals, heat shrink). Terminated wiring kit and mounting plate is in the works, but it will depend on order quantities for now.

Group buy will be open until 14th of February 2021, pricing and orders will then be finalised and sent out within the following 2-3 weeks depending on volume.